Tourism growing but WA lagging behind

30 July 2015

New figures reveal that while the number of international visitors travelling to Western Australia continues to increase, WA is falling behind other States who are investing heavily in their tourism industries.

The latest results of the International Visitor Survey reveal that international tourism spend grew by seven per cent in the 12 months to March 2015 – but this figure lags behind strong growth in other States.

“With the exception of South Australia, Western Australia is the worst performing State when it comes to international tourism,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

Growth in international visitor spending


% increase to March 2015



Northern Territory






New South Wales


Western Australia


South Australia




Mr Hall said while the low Australian dollar and more hotels rooms had contributed to growth in international tourism numbers, it was important to remember WA was in competition with other States and destinations around the country.

“As the economy moves from being focused on resources to services, other States are becoming much more competitive in the tourism space and WA is being outperformed,” he said.

“In the recent State Budgets handed down around the country, States like Queensland and New South Wales are pumping huge amounts into their tourism Budgets, which will result in more tourism dollars and jobs for their State.

“Western Australia must not be left behind, or we face losing visitors to other destinations, which will result in fewer jobs for the people of WA.”

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