The Sunday Times Advertising Special

Receive 63% off advertising space in Escape and the “Where to Stay.”

This amazing offer is only available to ATAP accredited and Tourism Award Winning operators – use the offer to either advertise more often or double the space you would usually take!

The Trust the Tick Logo will feature in every “where to stay” edition during the Advertising Special, supported by regular advertising of the ATAP Trust the Tick logo in Escape, Regional Features, Where to Stay and Product Specials!

Make sure you include the accreditation logo on your chosen ad to get a competitive edge and  promote your quality tourism business!

Why Advertise in Escape?

As Australia’s most powerful travel brand Escape is the perfect environment to engage a highly targeted, travel hungry crowd with money to spend on local, national and international travel.  Add in the fact that Escape is published on a Sunday, when time reading the papers is not just a weekly event, but a well guarded cultural ritual, and you can see why  Escape  packs one hell of a punch as a smart media choice in WA.

How much will it cost me?

Advertise in “Where to Stay” from as little as little as $35 and Escape from $527. 

How do I receive the advertising discount?

Contact Emma Page via email – or call 08 9416 0700 and speak to an Industry Advisor.

WA Escapes in Escape

From September 20, 2015, Escape will introduce the WA Escapes page, positioned perfectly among Where to Stay in WA, the local advertising accommodation guide. Escape is looking for editorial content to run on the WA Escapes page – ideally, it will feature information on new tours, restaurants, hotels and associated products and members are invited to make submissions. Click here for more information.