Advertising with NewsCorp

News Corp Australia is Australia’s No.1 media company

We offer advertisers greater reach of audiences than any other Australian media company across all platforms - print, web, broadcast, mobile & tablet.

As the No.1 destination for news, lifestyle, sport and business, News Corp Australia plays a key role in the lives of consumers and provides a valuable channel for advertising partners to engage these consumers.

We can deliver advertisers more relevant and targeted editorial environments for their campaigns, with richer audience segmentation and behavioural data giving even more value for advertising dollars.

News Corp currently reaches 1.6 million Western Australians per month.  More information on the brands we represent are available on our website  If you have any queries about advertising opportunities, please call (08) 9326 9831.

For Tourism Council of WA members, we are offering a 25% discount off ratecard within our publications and digital sites.  Primary products include The Australian, The Weekend Australian, The Weekend Australian Magazine, and  There is the option of running WA only press advertisements within these print titles, as well as serving digital inventory with WA geo targeting.