Cross-Cultural Marketing

Why Cross Cultural Marketing Service

It was quoted by Harvard Business Review, Marketing 101 doesn't work in Asia. The rationale behind this statement is that marketing personnel are often challenged by the lack of understanding in foreign markets and consumer behaviour, especially when attempts are made to replicate existing templates or models from home markets in foreign lands. In fact, what works at home may not work in another country.

Our Services:

Intlang offers integrated cross cultural marketing and language services are designed to help you bridge gaps in international business practice, and effectively reaching out to target markets.

Our range of services include

  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Bilingual production (Print materials, website, social media, mobile application)
  • Cross cultural direct marketing, social media marketing and relationship marketing
  • Cross cultural Events and Event Services (including roadshows and community events)

Our clients are mainly WA tourism operators (hotels, airlines, food and beverage services, wineries, retails and other industry associations) who are seeking translation service, and in need of cross cultural marketing solutions to bring their products and service to local Chinese consumer market, and into China in the future.

Through engaging Intlang services, our tourism industry clients will be confident in:

  • Establish a tailor-made Chinese market marketing strategy;
  • Have strong language, marketing and cultural support from Intlang to implement and monitor the market development, budget and sales;
  • Gradually and sustainably promote their business to the target Chinese market;

At Intlang, our marketing solutions are tailor-made for each client, taking into consideration of their learning, experience, market conditions and their vision in business.

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We are your best and the most efficient cross cultural marketing partner in WA.