EcoPlus Accreditation

EcoPlus Accreditation is for operators that demonstrate a level of environmental management over and above the requirements of ATAP.EcoPlus

EcoPlus Accreditation is a tool to assist businesses in achieving environmental sustainability and to recognise a business’s commitment to environmental management.

EcoPlus Standards

The standards to be an EcoPlus Accredited business include:

  • Managing impact and disturbance on the environment.
  • Contributing to conservation and sustainability.
  • Effective interpretation through the promotion, communication and delivery of product.
  • Establishing an environmental risk management strategy.
  • Supporting and benefiting the local community.
  • Recognition of the cultural & heritage issues of the area.

EcoPlus Benefits

EcoPlus Accredited businesses will:

  • Meet the Department of Parks and Wildlife’s requirements for 3,5,7 & 10 year licences.
  • Promote and encourage best practice.
  • Be recognised as proactive in applying environmental best practice.

How to Apply

EcoPlus Accreditation can potentially be obtained by most business sectors, not only those which are focused on the natural environment.

Businesses accredited by the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program automatically meet the required tourism business standards and only need to be assessed for the EcoPlus standards.

To be assessed simply contact an Industry Advisor at Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700 or email who will assist you through the EcoPlus Accreditation.

If you are not already an accredited tourism business you can also submit an ATAP Registration Form and complete your tourism and EcoPlus Accreditation together.

Accreditation Fees

EcoPlus accreditation fee is $100 for each business accredited. The fee is per financial year, payable with your tourism accreditation invoice.


Under the new Nature Based Tourism reforms all commercial Nature Based Tourism Operators in WA are now required to obtain Tourism Accreditation to access Department of Parks & Wildlife (DPaW) managed lands and waters.

For further information about the EcoPlus Module please contact an Industry Advisor at Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700 or email