Entrant Support

The 2020 WA Tourism Awards program is currently on hold, with no work being conducted on the program presently. The program will be periodically reviewed, taking into account the status of the tourism industry and tourism businesses.
Tourism Council WA will consult with members before making a final decision on the status of the program for 2020. 


Tourism Council WA, in partnership with Tourism Western Australia (TWA), is delighted to provide Award nominees with several entrant support initiatives to assist them with the preparation of their Awards submission.

Awards Submission Workshops

Tourism Council WA’s Award Workshops assist prospective entrants to prepare submissions and gain important information on the awards process. 

Category Toolkits

Category-specific Toolkits have been designed to assist entrants in developing their submission by providing a breakdown of sub-questions as well as offering suggestions of what to include when answering.

Important Note: A Toolkit will be sent to you via email once you have nominated. If you don’t receive one within 3 days, please email Julie Wood.

Please note: there are no Toolkits for the Individual Award categories.

Draft Submission Review 

All entrants in categories 1 - 27 (Individual Awards excluded) will be given the opportunity to have their draft submission reviews prior to lodging their final submission. Areas within a submission that may require further development will be highlighted and suggestions provided on how to make improvements. Conditions apply.

Access to Coordinator

Please contact Tourism Council WA Awards Coordinator Julie Wood to discuss any questions you may have via email.