Industry welcomes commercially-focused head of Tourism WA

5 September 2018

Tourism Council WA has welcomed the announcement of Tourism WA’s new Managing Director, Brodie Carr, at the WA Tourism Conference tonight, attended by more than 400 industry representatives from across WA. The conference is presented by Tourism Council WA and industry partners.

“Tourism is a critical industry for the State’s economy, and needs a specialist, dedicated Managing Director to drive tourism to this State,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

“Tourism is a complex and highly-competitive global market. We are delighted that the government has brought in a Managing Director with commercial acumen and a solid understanding of branding and marketing.

“The State Government has listened to industry, and the announcement of a new Managing Director fulfils one of the critical needs that has been identified by Tourism Council WA and the industry. “

The announcement of the Managing Director follows the recent announcement of Andrew Oldfield as Director Partnerships at Tourism WA. Andrew is a recognised tourism industry professional and will bring real expertise in marketing through tourism trade partners such as airlines, travel agents and digital marketing channels.

The industry had identified the need for Tourism WA to have both a dedicated Managing Director and a Director Partnerships marketing professional with tourism and travel trade expertise. Tourism Council WA is delighted that the Government has filled both roles.   

“Tourism Council WA will work closely with the new Managing Director to turn around the State’s visitor numbers and expenditure, and grow the more than 100,000 jobs created by the tourism industry,” Mr Hall said.

“To create jobs, the tourism industry needs to sell tours, attractions, flights and accommodation. This is best done in partnership with a commercially-focused Tourism WA dedicated to promote our State.”

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