Industry welcomes low-cost leisure fares to Broome

18 May 2018

Tourism Council WA has welcomed the WA Government’s announcement today on low-cost leisure airfares to Broome. The 12 month trial will provide $199 one-way fares on the weekend during high season. The fares must be booked 60 days in advance.

The announcement follows the Parliamentary Inquiry into Regional Airfares. Tourism Council WA made a major submission to the inquiry regarding the need for leisure tourism packaging to reduce airfares in regional WA.

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall has congratulated the State Government, Tourism WA and Qantas for this bold initiative to change aviation in WA.

“$199 airfares will put Broome on a competitive footing with Bali and other winter leisure tourism destinations,” said Mr Hall.

“Airlines have traditionally set high airfares in regional WA catering to the existing business travel market. Under this trial Qantas is using low airfares to target and expand the leisure tourism market."

The low fares must be booked 60 days in advance, this requirement targets leisure tourists who book holidays well in advance, rather than business travellers who pay a premium for bookings at short notice.

“This trial is a great step forward for WA regional aviation, we need to encourage airlines to pursue growth through low-cost leisure fares across the state rather than just setting high prices for the corporate sector,” he said.

“Destinations like Bali and the Gold Coast have prospered from growing leisure tourism through low-cost airfares. Tourism growth drives economies of scale and lower airfares, we need to apply this model to all of regional Western Australia.”

Tourism Council WA is encouraging all tourism businesses in Broome to participate in tourism packages using their low airfares. Good value packages including low-cost airfares, value accommodation and great tours and experiences will drive leisure tourism to Broome and the Kimberley.

“Tourism Council WA will provide one-on-one training for local tourism businesses wanting to develop tourism packages for the first time and take advantage of the low-cost airfares,” said Mr Hall.


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