Perth has Giant appetite for unique events

16 February 2015

Unique events like The Giants which draw locals and visitors alike into Perth should be at the forefront of the city’s event calendar, according to Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall.

The massive crowds and great community interest in The Giants proved that bringing unique events to Perth provided a boost to the city both culturally and economically.

“Perth came alive this past weekend, as multiple events attracted more than one million people into the city – I commend the Perth International Arts Festival, as well as the State government, for bringing this installation to the people of Western Australia,” Mr Hall said.

“Early reports from hotels, restaurants and service providers indicate the influx of visitors resulted in increased business activity.

“These types of distinctive events are exactly what Perth should be focussing on in the future – events which are appealing to both locals and tourists.

“The increased tourism dollars means the event more than pays for itself.”

Mr Hall said the size and capacity of the new Perth Stadium would be able to cater for other world-class events which Perth had not seen before.

“These events often have long lead times, so it is important to start planning and bidding now to ensure the new Perth Stadium has an active, appealing events calendar from 2018,” he said.

“The sky really is the limit, and Perth audiences have a great appetite for distinctive events as shown by the turn out this past weekend.”

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