Perth Stadium to drive 1,300 tourism jobs

9 February 2015

The new Perth Stadium has the potential to attract more than 65,000 new visitors and deliver more than $291 million and 1,300 jobs to the State economy through tourism each year.

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall will announce these figures this morning at the launch of Perth Stadium: Economic Game Changer, a strategy for Western Australia to capitalise on the new Perth Stadium.

Perth Stadium: Economic Game Changer identifies four key requirements for the new Perth Stadium to realise its full tourism and employment benefits:

  • A four-year Stadium Event Plan to utilise the Stadium from 2018 to 2022.
  • A Stadium Event Fund to enable bidding to start in 2015 to secure events for 2018 to 2022.
  • Stadium Visitor Target to attract international and interstate attendees.
  • Ten thousand general admission seats set aside for locals and tourists at AFL matches – including 2,000 seats for Regional Footy Tourism packages.

“The new Perth Stadium will be a great asset for attracting visitors to Western Australia, who will spend money and in turn, create jobs for the people of this State,” Mr Hall said.

“But without planning and investment now, there will be no spectators, no tourist dollars and no jobs.”

The seating capacity of the new Perth Stadium of up to 70,000 will mean Perth can host world-class sporting and entertainment events which have not been possible before, such as travelling entertainment displays like the Edinburgh Tattoo, demonstration matches featuring Liverpool FC or American football teams, and even home-grown events like a lighting, laser and fireworks spectacular.

“But none of this will happen unless planning starts now. These types of events have long lead times and need to be secured years in advance, which is why a Stadium Event Fund should be established this year,” Mr Hall said

The economic impact of the new Perth Stadium relies on attracting additional visitors to Western Australia, which can be achieved by establishing a Stadium Visitor Target.

“When visitors come to Western Australia, they spend money on things like transport, food, hotels, shopping and entertainment, which results in jobs for the people of the State,” Mr Hall said.

“By setting a minimum target of three per cent, around 2,000 seats, to be filled by visitors for regular fixtures like cricket and AFL matches, the Stadium can have a significant economic impact through tourism. For major events the target should be set much higher.”

With an asset like the Stadium to attract visitors, it is important to then retain them for longer periods to increase their economic impact. This can be done by packaging tickets to events at the Stadium, like AFL matches, into low-cost holiday packages inclusive of flights, car hire and regional touring.

“We know that AFL matches are great motivators for people to travel interstate, so offering low-cost packages to encourage visitors to increase the length of time they stay in the State, and therefore how much money they spend, is a great way to capitalise on the appeal of the Stadium,” Mr Hall said.

With these policy settings in place, the $1 billion investment in the new Perth Stadium can result in a great, long-term return for Western Australia through tourism.

“If planning and investment starts now, the new Perth Stadium will become an economic game changer for Western Australia, delivering much-needed jobs and economic activity,” Mr Hall said.

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