Tender for regional air routes welcome

16 July 2015

Tourism Council WA has welcomed today’s announcement by the State government that it will call for tenders on regional air routes.

The announcement gives certainty to the tourism industry and local communities that there will be an air service for destinations including Albany and Esperance.

Mr Hall said the tender process would mean airlines will be forced to compete on price schedules and quality of service, providing better outcomes for locals and visitors alike.

“However, airlines are tough negotiators and the State government will need to push the case for good deals for regional towns,” Mr Hall said.

“The Department of Transport will also need to work hard to secure discount fares for tourism packages and the ability for the services to be accessible via the Global Distribution Service.”

Ensuring regional air fares are listed on the GDS will mean locals and visitors from across the world will be able to book online through services such as Webjet, according to Mr Hall.

“This will bring price competitiveness into the distribution of fares and keep regional towns open for international and East Coast visitors,” he said.

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