Tourism boost creates 2,000 jobs

9 July 2014

Tourism Council WA estimates the tourism industry has created over 2,000 jobs following a major boost in domestic tourism.

The National Visitor Survey released today by Tourism Research Australia shows that domestic overnight visitors increased by 9.1% for the year ending March 2014. These visitors spent an additional $451 million in the state economy and creating new jobs across the state. Tourism Council WA estimates that tourism now creates 93,000 jobs in WA.

“A mini boom in domestic tourism has injected nearly half a $ billion in the state economy and created at least 2,000 new jobs in the process” said Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall.

“The boost comes from local leisure tourists, interstate visitors staying with family and friends and a rebound in business travel” said Mr Hall.

“Better state marketing, cheaper Perth hotels and affordable interstate flights are all contributing to strong growth in domestic tourism” said Mr Hall.

“The State Government’s investment in tourism marketing is starting to pay off and new attractions such as the stadium will drive future growth” said Mr Hall.

“Tourism growth will drive job creation over the next few years as the resource sector tapers off” said Mr Hall.

“These results show state investment in marketing WA can bring back tourist dollars to WA” said Mr Hall.

“Now is the time for the government to invest the promised tourism funding and deliver a further economic boost across WA” said Mr Hall.

“Tourism Council WA are looking for steady and constant funding to promote WA’s extraordinary tourism regions” said Mr Hall.

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