Tourism industry fights back in international figures

14 March 2017

The tourism industry’s hard work to win back international visitor market share has paid dividends, with the latest figures from the International Visitor Survey showing that the number of international visitors to Western Australia grew by 12.4 per cent in the 12 months to December 2016.

The growth in visitors included significant increases in leisure and education visitors, which increased by 23.7 per cent and 15.6 per cent respectively.

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said the tourism industry has been working hard to win back international market share from other States which had been lost during the resources boom by providing better value hotels and tourism product and investing more in marketing.

“Recent international visitor figures have seen Western Australia seriously lagging behind the other States as the rest of Australia enjoyed an Asian travel boom, influenced by the comparatively low Australian dollar,” he said.

“Western Australia is now starting to take advantage of this Asian travel boom through the hard work of industry to invest in international marketing activities.”

Mr Hall said Labor’s commitment of $85 million per year ($425 million over five years) for tourism marketing and events would enable the tourism industry to increase growth and create jobs, winning back more of the lost market share.

“As the Labor Government invests more in tourism, industry will increase investment in cooperative marketing and offer better value tourism products to attract more visitors and jobs in WA,” he said.

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