Tourism welcomes federal ‘one-stop shop’ environmental approvals

8 July 2013

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall has welcomed the ‘one-stop shop for environmental approvals’ promised in the federal Coalition’s Policy to Boost Productivity and Reduce Regulation released today.

Currently any tourism proposal affecting a ‘matter of national significance’ needs to go through both Federal and State approval. This is an expensive and time consuming process which kills off many worthwhile ecotourism projects.

“Tourism strongly supports World Heritage listing, National Parks and protected areas” said Mr Hall

“Currently an ecotourism safari camp has to go through the same Federal approvals process as a mining site” said Mr Hall.

“The Federal bureaucracy shouldn’t be used to stop ecotourism which shows off our unique environment and heritage” said Mr Hall

“State environmental regulation is tough enough, you can’t afford to go through the whole process again with Canberra” said Mr Hall.

“A one-stop shop means ecotourism could be judged on its environmental standards, not killed off by layers of bureaucracy” said Mr Hall.

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