WA tourism to take off from London direct flight

11 December 2016

Tourism will take-off across Western Australia on the back of the London-Perth direct international service announced today. Tourism Council WA has welcomed the announcement and congratulated Qantas, Perth Airport and the State Government for reaching an agreement to deliver the service.

London is the world’s biggest airport hub with direct connections across Europe and to the east coast of the United States. Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said the London-Perth direct service will put Perth on the world map.

“Perth will grab the world’s attention as the gateway to Australia from Europe and the east coast of the United States,” he said.

“It’s not just London direct to Perth, it means or New York one-stop to Perth or London one-stop to Broome.”

Using the Qantas domestic terminal means that passengers can have a seamless transfer from London onto domestic flights to Sydney and Melbourne. This is important for the viability of the service, however the State Government and tourism industry need to work with Qantas to ensure passengers don’t just transit at Perth airport but get out and spend time and money in WA.

“It is critical the State Government works with Qantas to ensure free or discount stop-overs in Perth for those flying between London and east-coast Australia,” said Mr Hall

“The tourism industry will work with Qantas to package stopovers and connecting flights from London to Broome, Exmouth and Albany.”

Federal Government must provide adequate Border Protection staffing

The tourism industry is concerned the Federal Government will not provide adequate Border Protection staff at both the Perth International and Qantas terminals, despite the huge revenues they receive from the departure tax which is supposed to fund passenger processing.

The tourism industry is calling on the Federal government to provide increased staffing and funding for customs, quarantine and immigration at both terminals.

“We don’t want long queues at Perth International Airport or the Qantas terminal due to the Federal Government trying to pocket the departure tax without paying for adequate border protection staff,” said Mr Hall

“The Federal Government has just increased the tax on international return flights to $60 per passenger and are now collecting about $130 million each year through Perth.

“The airport, Qantas and State Government are all investing in the new service. It’s not good enough for the Federal Government to just collect more tax off the flight without investing in the service as well.”

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