Reduce regional airfares to create local jobs

17 August 2017

Reducing airfares to regional WA destinations by just 15 per cent can create 440 additional local jobs and inject close to $100 million into the State economy, a Tourism Council WA submission to a regional airfares inquiry reveals.

Published publicly today, Tourism Council WA’s submission to the Economics and Industry Standing Committee’s Inquiry into regional airfares in Western Australia has made a number of recommendations based on feedback from regional members and an analysis of the demand and supply factors affecting regional aviation and airfares in WA.

“Overwhelmingly, regional tourism businesses identified that WA regional destinations are being priced out of the tourism market by comparably high airfares,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

“As a result, regional tourism businesses are losing significant business to east coast and international destinations which WA competes against.”

The submission reveals a slight discount to regional airfares of 15 per cent would result in a significant economic windfall for regional destinations.

“A discount of just 15 per cent on regional WA airfares would result in the creation of 440 jobs and $99.8 million dollars for the economy,” Mr Hall said.

“Higher airfares reduce leisure visitors to regional destinations who would otherwise spend time and money in that destination.

“The State Government, airlines and tourism industry should join together to create and market regional leisure tourism packages which include substantially discounted airfares.”

The Tourism Council WA submission also identifies that the State Government should invest in development of direct international and interstate direct low-cost leisure services to regional destinations.

Read Tourism Council WA’s full submission on the website.

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