Liquor reforms to bring balance, improved customer service

14 February 2018

Tourism Council WA has welcomed the announcement today that the tourism benefits of liquor licence applications will be given equal consideration among other issues – a reform which the Council has championed for many years.

The reforms, to be introduced to Parliament next week, will give equal consideration in the assessment of liquor licensing applications to the Chief Executive Officer of Tourism WA; allow Tourism WA to put forward a submission regarding the tourism benefits of any application; and introduce a new category to the public interest assessment allowing venues’ tourism, community and cultural benefits to be taken into consideration.

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said the changes would reduce the regulatory burden on new tourism businesses and allow tourism operators to create experiences offering great customer service.

“The tourism industry has long been asking for the tourism benefits of their proposals to be considered in the liquor licensing application process,” he said.

“This reform recognises the significant contribution tourism makes to the state economy and introduces balance to the assessment process. We will also see improved customer service for visitors as a result of these reforms, as businesses can better meet customer expectations of service in a global landscape.”

The changes follow reforms introduced in September which allowed businesses which have completed the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program to provide the amount and type of complimentary alcohol that best serves their customers’ needs without a liquor licence, reducing regulatory costs for businesses, improving product and allowing operators to better serve their customers.

“Overall, this series of reforms is reducing the regulatory burden on new and existing tourism businesses, allowing for new, attractive experiences to be introduced, bringing in more visitors and creating jobs for locals,” Mr Hall said.

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