New tourism ads deserve maximum exposure

10 June 2016

Tourism Council WA has welcomed the Just Another Day in WA campaign launched today by Tourism WA. The Tourism Council is delighted that WA is getting back into the interstate market and wants the government to maximise the budget to show the ads to the east coast of Australia.

 “Sometimes we forget that what is an everyday experience for Western Australians, is an amazing experience for visitors” said Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall.

“The Just Another Day in WA campaign is a great way to tell the story of what WA has to offer.

“The tourism industry will get behind this campaign and invest in cooperative marketing to sell holidays in WA. The more the government invests, the more we can invest.

“We know from experience that good tourism campaigns, with extensive media exposure, attract attention and increase tourism.” 

Tourism WA have invested heavily in market research and production to create the Just Another Day in WA ads. However the ads only have value when they are seen on TV and digital media by potential visitors. The Just Another Day in WA campaign has a $5.5 million media advertising budget.

Currently every $1 dollar spent on advertising WA results in an additional $22 dollars visitor spending in the state economy. Tourism promotion is an extremely effective way of generating economic activity and jobs.

“We’ve created some great ads to promote WA, but we must maximise their time on TV and mobile phones across Sydney and Melbourne," Mr Hall said.

“The more we show these ads, the more people will come to WA, the more jobs we will create.

“We’ve got to compete with the other States who are not shy about advertising their destinations. We should maximise the advertising budget now and win back our east coast visitors for the coming summer.

“We’ve made the ad, we shouldn’t be shy about showing it to the world.” 

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