Don’t stop good work on liquor reform

17 November 2015

Tourism Council WA has welcomed today’s announcement implementing the first stage of liquor reform, but is calling on the WA Parliament not to stall on the crucial second stage of legislative changes.

In November 2014, the Government announced its liquor reform policy but determined to implement the reform in two stages of legislation. The first stage has recently passed the Parliament but the second stage has not yet been considered.

“There is real concern in the tourism industry that the second round of liquor reforms will not see the light of day before the next election,” Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said.

“We call on all political parties to prioritise the outstanding liquor reforms. Western Australia is a great food and wine tourism destination but restrictive liquor laws can really undermine our customer service and tourism appeal.”

The first round of reforms were a good first step for tourism and customer service in Western Australia, Mr Hall said.

“Simple things like allowing a patron to carry a drink across a footpath to an alfresco area will allow us to meet customers’ reasonable expectations,” he said.

“However, we need new licensed premises and more customer-friendly liquor laws for tourism services and jobs to grow in WA.”

The outstanding Government-endorsed liquor reforms which are awaiting the second round of legislative changes are:

  • Allowing restaurants to serve liquor without a meal or while patrons are standing;
  • Allowing regional liquor stores to trade on Sunday;
  • Introducing a liquor licence category for low risk businesses;
  • Allowing clubs to sell liquor to non-member participants in club events;
  • Recognise tourism submissions in support of licence applications;
  • Being able to reapply for a liquor licence without waiting 3 years.

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