TV ads show how Tourism Works for WA

9 August 2016

Tourism Council WA has today launched a major $250,000 campaign to promote the value of tourism for Western Australia in the run up to the 2017 state election.

The campaign’s TV ads show how Tourism Works to create jobs for WA, featuring locals doing an amazing array of jobs created by tourism dollars. The ads will go to air this week in Perth and across regional WA.

“Tourism now creates 97,000 jobs each year,” said Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall.

“Tourism is about the only industry creating new jobs at the moment, and we want to let people know that tourism is a big part of this state’s future.”

“Everyone knows that mining has created jobs and opportunities for WA, but now is the time for tourism to pick up the slack and drive jobs.”

Mr Hall said tourism worked to create jobs in transport, retail, hospitality, education, the arts and cultural sectors, among many other sectors.

“The great thing about tourism is it works for everybody. Tourism works to create jobs in both cities and regional towns,” he said.

Mr Hall said Government policy could have a huge impact on how many jobs tourism created.

“By raising awareness with this campaign we hope the political parties will announce good policies to support tourism growth and the jobs that tourism creates,” he said.

The ads can be seen at the Tourism Works campaign website;

The campaign is managed by Tourism Council WA on behalf of the tourism industry. Tourism Council WA is a non-profit membership body representing tourism businesses across WA.

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