Capital legislation to boost Perth as tourist destination

16 December 2014

Legislation recognising Perth as the State’s capital city is necessary to ensure the city’s development as Western Australia’s premier tourist destination, Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said today.

Tourism Council WA welcomed the announcement by Premier Colin Barnett today that a City of Perth Act would be introduced to Parliament next year following a period of consultation.

“It is essential for Perth to have capital city legislation,” Mr Hall said.

“Perth is not just another suburb – it is a major tourism destination in the State and an economic asset.

“The City of Perth Act will ensure the city can be further developed as Western Australia’s premier tourist destination.”

Earlier this year, Tourism Council WA launched Destination Perth, a strategy to double Perth tourism by 2020, resulting in $7 billion in tourism spending and 47,000 jobs for Western Australians.

“Perth is currently the fifth most popular tourist destination in Australia for international visitors, closely behind the Gold Coast,” Mr Hall said.

“As a result, Perth tourism currently employs 36,000 people.

“The city has the potential to overtake the Gold Coast in the next few years, and legislation like this is central to achieving that goal.

“Tourism Council WA looks forward to being involved in the City of Perth Act consultative process.”

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