Stadium build crucial for future jobs

7 December 2014

Tourism Council WA has applauded today’s start of construction on the new Perth Stadium. When completed the Stadium will attract international and interstate spectators to WA, bringing new tourism dollars and jobs to the state. Tourism currently creates over 91,000 jobs in WA.

“The Stadium will be our State’s top tourism asset” said Mr Hall, CEO of Tourism Council WA

“The start of stadium build is a milestone in the development of the WA tourism industry”

“With more seats and more events, the Stadium will drive tourism dollars into WA”

“Stadium tourism will be crucial to bringing much needed jobs to WA as resource sector slows”

The new Perth Stadium will hold up to 65,000 spectators which is a major increase in spectator and tourism capacity. Event planning needs to start now to ensure this capacity is used and the Stadium is an active asset in 2018.

“New Stadiums such as Adelaide Oval have attracted new crowds. Cities such as Melbourne have a competitive edge in tourism because of their Stadium capacity””

“The Stadium will be a huge tourism earner, but only if we have the big events scheduled from opening in 2018”   

“Now that construction has started we must start planning events to fill the Stadium in 2018”

“More Stadium events, means more spectators, more tourism dollars and more jobs created in WA”

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