WA Visitor Centre network must be rebuilt

3 September 2014

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall has called for strong local and state government support for Visitor Centres following the release of a report into the sustainability of WA’s visitor centre network.

The report entitled “The future of visitor centres in WA” was commissioned by Tourism WA and shows Visitor Centres are under strain despite their strong contribution to regional economies.

Visitor Centres across WA will be gathering in Kalgoorlie next week to consider the report.

“Visitor Centres are under strain from declining revenue, which is putting regional tourism dollars at risk” said Mr Hall.

“Tourists who use Visitor Centres stay twice as long and spend twice as much” said Mr Hall.

“Tourists spend about $50-$100 extra in the local region as a result of dropping into the local Visitor Centre” said Mr Hall.

“Unfortunately these tourism dollars are spent in the region not in the Visitor Centres so they are chronically short of cash” said Mr Hall.

“There are too many Visitor Centres just scrapping by with volunteer staff and meagre funding from local government” said Mr Hall.

“Local and state government should invest in their Visitor Centres, but they should also expect reform of the Visitor Centre network” said Mr Hall.

“We welcome the royalties for regions funding for Regional Visitor Centres that has been put aside in the State Budget” said Mr Hall.

“This funding should focus on reform to build a network of sustainable Super Visitor Centres that deliver high quality accredited services to tourists” said Mr Hall.

The future of visitor centres in WA report can be downloaded from URL: https://ftp.tourism.wa.gov.au/files/3/xnng779c9b39/

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