Tourism launches Customer Service revolution

14 October 2013

Tourism Council WA will launch the Customer Service WAy program to revolutionise customer service in WAs tourism towns and precincts. The program will be launched by Tourism Council CEO Evan Hall at the City of Perth Customer Service Awards today.

“WA has extraordinary experiences to offer visitors, but that’s got to be backed up by extraordinary customer service” said Mr Hall.

“We can’t just rely on good beaches and great wine” said Mr Hall “we must lift service standards to attract new tourists and win back repeat visitors”.

“The key to success is friendly service and knowing what the customer needs” said Mr Hall.

The Customer Service WAy program will deliver affordable customer service training workshops in Perth and regional towns just before peak tourist seasons and major tourism events.

“When the whale sharks and wildflowers turn up, so will our customer service trainers” said Mr Hall.

“There will be training in each town before visitors turn up for events like Crabfest, the Ord Valley Muster and Gourmet Escape” said Mr Hall.

A big focus of the customer service training will be equipping frontline staff to promote their local product and destination.

“No one’s better placed to promote local attractions, than local wait staff serving your food and wine” said Mr Hall.

“Every barista, bar attendant, shop assistant and taxi driver can be a champion for their town, encouraging visitors to stay longer and experience more” said Mr Hall.

“We want to work with visitor centres, local government and chambers of commerce to lift service standards in their local town, shopping strips and precincts” said Mr Hall

“Any local business that delivers services to customers and guests is welcome to attend to join in the Customer Service WAy” said Mr Hall.