Scoot into WA on a low cost flight

16 October 2013

Tourism Council WA CEO has welcomed today’s launch of Scoot Airlines direct flights from Singapore to Perth. The direct flight will create new low cost services from South East Asia to Western Australia.

“Scoot airlines will boost holiday tourists from South East Asia to WA” said Mr Hall.

“We are looking forward to “discount flights from Singapore to Perth for under $100”said Mr Hall.

“Scoot will bring holiday makers from across Asia in WA” said Mr Hall.

“Low cost carriers are ideal the holiday tourist and Scoots new service will bring visitors from China, Japan and South Korea as well as Singapore” said Mr Hall.

The new service will be backed by a marketing campaign funded by Tourism WA, Tourism Australia and Scoot.

“We applaud the State Governments marketing partnership with Scoot Airlines to promote WA as a holiday destination” said Mr Hall.

“This is solid ‘bums on seats’ government marketing that will drive tourist dollars into WA’s regions” said Mr Hall.

Scoot is only the second international service into WA supported by Tourism Australia. Tourism Council WA has long campaigned for the Federal Government to invest in airline partnerships to the West Coast as well as the East Coast of Australia.

This new airline marketing partnership involving Tourism Australia is a welcome development.