Tourism Fundamentals Workshop: An Introduction to Tourism

Are you new to the tourism industry, or looking for a refresher on the who’s who in tourism? The Tourism Fundamentals workshop gives a thorough introduction to the often complex tourism industry! In this workshop, understand how your business fits into the broader tourism industry and how to actively become part of the network, and discover the essential elements and top tips to help you promote your tourism business and attract more customers.

Standard topics covered in the workshop include:

  • The broader tourism industry
  • Who’s who in the tourism industry?
  • Tourism accreditation
  • Western Australian Tourism Awards
  • Your target markets
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Make your brochure leap off the rack
  • Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)
  • Working with industry associations and government agencies
  • Tourism distribution
  • Industry rates and commissions
  • Tourism trade and consumer shows
  • Tourism industry research
  • Tourism subscriptions

To register for an upcoming Tourism Fundamentals Workshop click here.

If you would like to arrange a workshop for your business or destination contact Tourism Council WA on 9416 0700.